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My new dishwasher does not work. running the Customer Service

Resolved Question:

My new dishwasher is from Lowes, Bosch model SHE43F02UC. When I run the Customer Service Program it sticks on step 6. I t does not give an error, it just stays on step 6 forever.

There is a program description table but the steps are not numered. However it looks like the step it is hanging on has function: Main Pump, Dispenser
It's supposed to take only 2 minutes. The first time it ran, it made a loud squealing noise at this step but stopped after a minute or two and does not make the noise anymore.

Would you call this a manufactur defect, that would require Lowes to replace it? Alternately do you what it will take to fix it?

If I try to run a normal load now, it seems to go run but never appears to fill with water so I shut it off so as to not damage the pumps. I got it to work by pouring hot water into it, then it sprays and drains properly but didn't fill again for the rinse cycle. The first time we used it, it stuck on "1" after a few hours. Now the customer service program says it passes water inlet valve, heater, main pump steps. I think the problem is the rinse aid dispenser. The run I did by adding water had an E1 error, heating error, probably because the water I added wasn't hot enough I guess.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
I would deffinatly call Lowes and get a replacement machine. if you attempt to do any kind of repair on this they will void your warranty, Lowes is pretty good about replacing machine(at least where I live) there is deffinatly a problem with the machine. the one thing you can try is turn your hot water on at the sink and let it get really hot before running the machine, then try it, but if that doesnt work do not remove any panels or attempt repair yourself, call Lowes right away and tell them to bring you a new machine. hope this helps ,thanks Bryan
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