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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  15 yrs. experience as a certified appliance technician.
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model SCG20200A; No Bake, replaced ignitor...still no current

Customer Question

model SCG20200A; No Bake, replaced ignitor...still no current measured with ammeter; oven valve has continuity; no 120V present at wires to bake valve/ground; also how to remove stove top/EC board?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
let me see if I can get that info for you, thanks Bryan
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
have you checked your high limit thermostat? if this goes the oven will not ignite. Part 705126here are some diagrams for your unit, the thermostat is # XXXXX on this diagram. its located either in the back , or under the top. this is not clear on the diagrams. let me know thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

where would i locate this high limit? didnt see one at the job today...also i am most curious how to remove the burner top/control panel as i did not want to pry/break it..Thanks for your help, Bryan...I'm an LP gas service guy thats gets one of these calls every now and then, sometimes have to learn through someone else. Rick Price


Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
well as far as the thermostat is concerned this is probably under the back panel on this. the diagram doesnt show where it is. but most likely in back..more than likely its the problem. this oven may have overheated at one point and this will blow the high limit. and for the top are these sealed burners? do they lift off? if the do you will probably see two screws under each burner if you remove these the top will lift up. if the dont lift off you have to turn the burner and it will come off. hope this helps. thanks Bryan
Bryan and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks Bryan...i can get the burners off (disconnect spark wires) but cant lift up top. I'm sure you deal with many models in your head...I'll hit the accept you dont think the control board could be bad with just the one problem (no bake)?
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
ok there may be two clips on the front between the top and the oven that you need to push in on this to release the top. if there no screws where the burners are then most likely there are clips. I use a putty knife to push them in while lifting the top. they are usually two to three inches in from the sides. the front will lift up and sometimes are on hinges in the back. let me know . but first take the back panel off and see if the thernostat is there. test for continuity across the two spades you should have continuity ,if not its bad. thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Bryan, thanks for your help. It ended up being the relay board at the bottom of the side panel...takes low voltage from the clock EOC and the relay that does the bake circuit was cutting out...swapped the leads to the broiler circuit and worked, so i replaced that board $125 and all was well. Had to take the whole thing apart though
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
ok thats great . these can sometimes be tricky to diagnose and thats why you need to check diffirent things as you go along on some things. theres not always one answer for the same problems on different machines, i'm glad you got it going and I'll now keep that in the back of my mind on this oven. thanks and well wishes. Bryan