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Dear Sir, In October of last year, we purchased a Whirlpool

Resolved Question:

Dear Sir,

In October of last year, we purchased a Whirlpool Microwave VT 256 IX. After approximately 6 weeks usage, we noticed that condensation was building up in the glass door between the glass. We concluded that the seal on the door was damaged and returned it to the retailer, Radio Popular, Portimao. Two weeks later we were told the microwave was ready. It was collected, but immediately we noticed that there was a build up of condensation between the glass in the door. We then discovered that the microwave had not been repaired as no fault had been found (?). After a few more usages, with the same results, we returned the microwave to the retailer. This time we understand that a “new door” has been fitted, but at the first time of usage, approximately one third of the glass door steamed up with condensation.
My question to you is how does that damage manifest itself ?. Does condensation between the glass on the door mean the microwave is unsafe?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
wel condinsation on the glass is not a normal problem in microwaves. this is caused by the steam when cooking in the microwave. as far as the microwave being unsafe its hard to say. I dont believe it is unsafe but to be sure i would have the company test for the microwave emitting microwaves through the door. they should have a tester I own one myself and use it to test for microwave leaks in the door. its just a wand that you run around the door to test for leaks while the microwave is running. I didnt see any recalls on your microwave as a result of this. be safe and have this tested.I will check for other recalls on this, hope this helps. thanks Bryan
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Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
Hi. this is Bryan again. I rechecked for recalls on your microwave and couldnt find any. I would however if I were you still get this tested for safety, hope this helps, thanks Bryan