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how to get rid of cockroaches in microwave

Customer Question

how to get rid of cockroaches in microwave
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  I.can replied 8 years ago.
HiYa,Customerbr />
Unfortunately, roaches LOVE some of the substances used in electronics, so guard your computer. The best way of getting rid of roaches is to use boric acid. It comes in powder form. mix a little bacon grease in with it. Cut some 2 inch by 2 inch cardboard squares and put a little of the mix on it. Place this behind your microwave and any other place they might congregate. It doesn't kill them right away, but over time, you'll see a definite decrease in them if you keep it up.

Once you did this and you see most are gone.
I have a non toxic solution to kill the nests and keep them out.

Try and find Borax powder hand soap.
It is in some supermarkets and I found it hard to find. When I found it I bought all of the cans. Its cheap, about 2 dollars a can lasts a year.
It looks like a parmagan cheese can. Cylinder with a swivel top and holes to shake it out.
poke open the seal and turn the swivel as to barely allow a small amount to shake out of one hole only!!!!!!!!!!!
This is what is used in the exterminators poison that is safe for children and pets. But you must only shake out enough that you can almost not see the stuff hit the ground along the
floor near the base boards.
If you can see the stuff on the floor then you put to much and instead of the roaches walking in it and on it and tracking it back in to the nest which kills the whole nest, they will just avoid it.
When they spray this compound as the exterminators do.
It drys and only leaves a slight powder residue!due this once a week or every two weeks. I sprinkle out only enough that you can barely see it fall through the air unless you have sunlight or a lot of light.
It works here in New Jersey where we have bugs galore in the summer. Grass hoppers by the trillions.

i found it at a little grosery store on Wissahickon ave at Manhiem that was called Manny's
It was bought out a few years ago but still there I believe.