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My Maytag clothes dryer will not turn on. Looking at the schematic,

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My Maytag clothes dryer will not turn on. Looking at the schematic, there is a non resetable thermal fuse on the neutral wire. The cylinder light will not turn on with the door open. I think its the fuse because I have 120V up at timer switch terminals. Am I right and where is the fuse located? Model number PYET444AYW Revision 15
yes there is a non resetable thermal fuse in this dryer. I will send the diagrams in my next post. heres the thermal fuse set. this comes in a set because you need to replace the high limit and the thermal fuse , this set comes with three thermosats but you only use two. there is an extra for gas dryer. this comes with instuctions for which to use. I'll be right back. Part 3344
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here is the diagram with the location of your thermal fuse # XXXXX is your thermal fuse. # XXXXX is the high limit. these are a little tricky to replace , you need to take a flat head screwdriver and about three inches in from the side of machine along the top between top and cabinet there will be spring clips you push in to release the top. lift the top and let it lay back against the wall then in the very back behind the drum at the top you will find the heating element the fuse will be on the right side down about half way. take the 1/4 " screw out at the top holding the heater and thermal fuse and this will come out the high limit is on the top where the picture shows it . click here for diagrams , ategoryId=0151200&brandId=3048&modelName=MAYTAG-LAUNDRY&diagramPageId=00004&componentDescription=HEATER&documentId=W0703821&backToLink=Return%20to%20Sub%20Components%20list . hope this answers all your questions. make sure to unplug machine before servicing. please press accept so that I will get paid, thanks Bryan
Bryan and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you