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My dishwasher is not performing. It leaves coffeegrounds, tea

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My dishwasher is not performing. It leaves coffeegrounds, tea stains and other residues. I have cleaned the filters, put in salt and looked at the holes on the rotating arms.
do you have a model number for your dishwasher so I can better assist you?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


The number is XXXXX 55 or SMS 55, I think, from the manual I have

ok so this is a bosch?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Sure, according to the manual

move all the rotating arms in a horizontal position. Start a cycle and about 3 minutes later make sure the water comes all the way up to the side walls and see if the arms have moved in position or not.

I'll be honest in saying that coffee grounds do NOT go well with bosch dishwashers AT ALL. I work on many of these machines in office buildings and the grounds get EVERYWHERE. Best things to do to wash them out is put a bowl of vinegar facing upwards in the racks and let it go through a cycle. You can do this as many times as needed.

If the water isn't filling up to the sides then you need a new electronic water valve.

and if the arms are not moving then that means your recirculation pump isn't producing enough pressure. On a bosch it's not usually the motor that will cause this problem but rather the impeller attached to the motor begins to slip.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Thanks for the helpful reply.Tried the machine empty as you suggested. Rotor arms don't seem to be moving much. What do I do now with the impeller?

well the impeller is very hard to get to you may want to call for service at this point. You actually have to pull the dishwasher out of the cabinet and turn it upside down. Remove the plastic basepan and take the motor out. The impeller is attached to the motor and you will need to replace it. The impeller/seal kit runs about $85.
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