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The clock on my Jenn-Air stove keeps making a horrible loud,

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The clock on my Jenn-Air stove keeps making a horrible loud, constant buzzing noise. When you push the dial in, the nise stops, but you can't make the knob stay in. Any suggestions??
Can you give me a model # XXXXX help you better, it sounds as if either the knob or the clock assembly buzzer is stuck.I am assuming this is not a digital clock.If it is digital the clock probably has a shot in it.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We didn't buy the stove ourselves, it came with our house from the previous owners. I have the manual and it states Conventional Coil Cartirdge Model A100 & AC110 Series. Not sure exactly which one is ours. Would it say somewhere in/on the stove??
Is the clock digital?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No, it is not.
Model # XXXXX be around the door frame or behind lower acces pane/drawer.try pushing in and turning the knob,make sure another knob is not set to time.if not the inner parts of the clock are worn and need replaced.If this is an older model parts could be expensive or not available.You could always remove power to the clock buzzer
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

You're right- it is an old model, butit still cooks just fine!


Model No: S125-C

Serial #- 61001680


Worst case scenario, we can't get the problem fixed, or the parts will be too expensive- how do you remove power to the clock buzzer?



If you shut of the power to the unit,open the control panel and cut and tape the two wire giong to the buzzer it will stop,however depending on the model of the clock, it may be required for th self clean and timed functions the part as far as i know is not available for this model through my supplier although it may be available on the web
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