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I have a Roper RUD4000SU dishwasher that does not pump drain

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I have a Roper RUD4000SU dishwasher that does not pump drain water out with any force. I anticipate that the pump drain impellor is broken or damaged because the motor does rotate ok. Water will not completely drain out of the dishwasher.
First we need to make sure that the drain hose is not causing the problem, disconnect it from the sink where it hooks on and make sure that there is no clog at where it hooks up or in the hose, you can further test by using a 5 gallon bucket to see if it pumps it all out that way...
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The drain line has been checked and is open. The strainer in the bottom of the dishwasher is clear. I can hold the open end of the drain hose at my head height, and no water will be pumped out, but when I lower the drain line, water will pump out, but with not much force. I also have experience with a portable dishwasher, and when it drains, the pump forces wht water out with a lot of velocity. That's why I suspect the pump in the Roper under counter dishwasher. What do you think?

I wanted to make sure before you go through the expense of the repair of the pump, If it were blocked this would be a free repair, however this appears not to be the case on yours....
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Considering the information I gave you, do you think the pumpis the problem, or is there something else that should be investigated?

from everything you have checked the pump is the only item that I feel can cause this....I cannot for the life of me figure anything else to do it...
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
If the pump were working properly, should it expel drain water with significant force and velocity?
It should shoot out with pretty good force up to 4 feet above the dishwasher, if the impeller has worn down it will not have this force necessary to discharge it properly...
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm planning to remove & disassemble the pump myself. Does this model Roper dishwasher have any tricky disassembly areas that I should be aware of? Can you suggest any things?
There is nothing special about doing this repair, I recommend if you have a digital camera to take pictures along the way in case you get stuck when it comes to putting it back together, I do believe you will need a T15 and T20 Torx driver though, however do not hold me to that one..
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