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I have a GE refrigerator that is a top freezer, bottom is the

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I have a GE refrigerator that is a top freezer, bottom is the fridge. It is 7 yrs old.   For the part 3 months the fridge will run fine for about 2 weeks then all of a sudden you can hear the motor start to run very loud. And then we will notice that it is not cooling like it should. We then unplug it for 24 hrs. or so. When we see water seep out under the fridge we replug it into the wall and then the fridge will cool off and run fine for about 2 weeks, then it all starts all over again. -- oh, the freezer always stays cold. It's just the bottom fridge part.   Please tell me if I can so something to fix it or is it best to get a new fridge. Oh, Sears is having a 20% off sales that ends today... Could you answe me today? Is it best just to get a repair man out here or a new fridge. Thanks!!   ---- Melodie
Which motor is loud the one in the freezer?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Well, not knowing refrigerators too well I have always assumed it was the refrigerator motor because the refrigerator is the section that loses all it's coolness while the freezer just stays frozen up top... i hope that helps you....

Does it get a ice build up on the back wall of the freezer?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It has a panel back there. But because there is a bunch of water on the floor after the 24 hour period of it being off, I assumed that it was freezing up. I asked a guy I knew who does air conditioners and he is the one who told me to turn the fridge off for 24 hrs or so... he thought it might fix the problem, it does but for only 2 weeks...
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
oh, ON the panel i haven't noticed any ice....
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
oh, on the back wall of the freezer? no, it does not have any ice on the back wall of the FREEZER. sorry, i didn't read the question correctly....

You have a defrost problem it is one of three things.

1/ Defrost heater

2/ Defrost termination switch

3/ Defrost timer

Its not very expensive to repair the unit.The most it would cost is $200.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Does that $200 include parts and labor?

Yes it should not cost more than that.

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