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Water dispenser quit working on model GSS25QGPH CC Serial#AH239986

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Water dispenser quit working on model GSS25QGPH CC Serial#AH239986 (Side by Side). Installed filter by-pass, still no water. Vent/no air. Checked line for kinks and checked water supply. Both OK. Lights on panel OK. Relay on circuit board pulls in, solenoid get 120 volts, measure about 600 ohms? Assume the solenoid is bad? or is it the million dollar mother board?
if your getting 120 volts to the water valve then it isnt the board . let me check this model for you I'll be back in a bit. thanks Bryan
is this making ice? is it just the water in the door thats not working? let me know Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Don't know if the ice maker is working, container is full and it cold outside, not using much ice.. Will take out some ice and check to see whats going on with it. Looks like those solenoids are a package deal to me? RS
thats what i would do take some out tonight and see if it makes more overnight , the reson for this is to check the water supplie. also you have a chiller in this ? it looks like this and is located inside the fresh food section behind the shelves. see if this is frozen , this happens allot on these, take a hair dryer and warm it up for awhils and see if the water starts flowing again. picture. Part 962383let me know in the morning I'm up at 5am est . thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It is making ice, just dumped the second load. Will check the chiller now. Will advise in am. RS
ok . I have a feeling its frozen . if not check for voltage to water side of valve with the lever pushed in. if you get 120 volts to valve and its not frozen replace the valve. Part 880070hope this helps , thanks Bryan
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