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I own a GE Refrigerator Model # XXXXX with ice maker.

Resolved Question:

I own a GE Refrigerator Model # XXXXX with ice maker. The ice maker quit working a while back & I have gone through all the troubleshooting information in the owners manual, with no success on getting it to work. I bought it from Sears, less than a year ago & it should be covered under warranty. I have read many horror stories about these units & the sears charges, even when something is under warranty. I am concerned about how to take care of the problem. What would you do? How can you help me?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
first of all you shouldnt have to go through sears to get this repaired. they sold it but I would call the GE hotline to get a GE service man out there. dont wait to long theres only a year warranty from the factory on this. I'll try and get you the phone # XXXXX be right back.thanks Bryan
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
click this link and call the # XXXXX and tell them your problem and that you do not want sears out to fix it you would like another service company to do it. also ask them if its covered completely. sears does charge axtra they will always make up a reason for it not always being completely covered. I hear this all the time. hope this helps Bryan. link please press accept or i will not be paid thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Do you have anything else that I can do myself to repair or diagnose the problem, besides what is shown in the owners manual? That is really what I am looking for. I do have a good mechanical ability.




Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
well the one thing I would check is to make sure the tube in the back that feeds the water into ice maker isnt frozen. other than that I wouldnt do to much or they will void your warranty.if its frozen then take a hair dryer and defrost it and it should work again.thanks Bryan
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