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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
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I have a Frigidaire Gallery Model FSE747GCS0 that is taking

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I have a Frigidaire Gallery Model FSE747GCS0 that is taking longer to dry clothes. The lint trap is cleaned each load and the exhaust ducting is very short, consisting of smooth metal flex and rigid smooth ducting and cleaned once a month. In using a temperature device, both the warm and hot settings have just about the same exhaust temperatures.
Unfortunately, it looks like access to the heater elements requires that the drum be removed.
Could the high limit sensor be causing the problem?
Hi Jim, ok there could be a problem with one of the thermostats. let me check you model # XXXXX what is the temp. comming out the exhaust? thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Thanks for your timely response.


Unfortunately, I don't have a temp guage on site at this point and the dryer is still apart.





ok this unit has a single heater and your right its behind the drum. but if it heats this wont be the issue anyway. I believe you may have a bad thermostat . how much have you got this apart. ?I would run this without a vent at all and see how it dries. if it dries good without vent its a vent problem. this is more than likely the problem though.Part 407028this is the cycling thermostat. Part 475and this is the heater. as you can see its just one element.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

This dryer is part of a stacked set at least 12 years old.


I agree, since there is only one heating element thats not the problem.


The venting has been the same through out its use, so I don't think it's the venting, plus I have a full size exhaust.


I have a local parts house and I'll try testing and replacing the high limit switch.


I appreciate the help.


Any comments on what brand of a stackable combo you/ve seen less repairs for?


Thanks again.



as far as stackables go this is a good one. I believe the thermostat should take care of your problem. at least its the cheapest part to try first .it is around $30.00 if this doesnt work come back on and we will check other things . please press accept so they will pay me for my time. if you need more help after as long as you dont close the question you can come back at no additional charge and I will be glad to help further, thanks Bryan

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Good day,


just a follow up comment.


I replaced the thermostat and the dryer is back to normal,


Thanks again for the help.



thats good to hear, well wishes and thanks , BryanCool