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Hello I have a duel fuel stove. Convection oven/gas top.

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Hello: I have a duel fuel stove. Convection oven/gas top. The door comes with a venting system at the top and we have spilled liquid into the vent, and now have a streak down the window. This happened almost on day one of our new stove. It is now two years old and there is even dust in there. Is there any way to clean it? Must we have a service person attend the house, or is this something we are stuck with!!!???
well the only way to clean these is to take the door off and take it all appart. this can be difficult though. if you can get me the model # XXXXX can check the diagrams for you also if its been two years it may be burned on at this point. let me know make and model and i will see. thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Model: CPCS389EC3 Professional Series I understand that it may be burned on but the dust is annoying me too. So a clean up plan would be great!
click here for the diagrams for the door, umber=CPCS389EC3&productCategoryId=0122008&brandId=1428&modelName=DUAL-FUEL-RANGE&diagramPageId=00005&componentDescription=DOOR&documentId=R0601019&backToLink=Return%20to%20Sub%20Components%20list there are allot of parts in this door but if your handy and take care to watch when you take it appart youi can probably do this youself. if you go to this site. you can look at prices for new glass if you want to change it. hope this helps, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The diagram is interesting but has no words to describe the parts. Where do I start? Do I take the door off or work with it where it is? Is there a sequence to follow?
I believe on this you will have a flip over clip on each of the door hinges you flip these up and lock then in place then lift up on the door and pull the whole door out and lay it on a bath towel. then start removing the screws watching where they go nad put them with the pieces they go to. take your time and pay attention how it goes back together ,i believe you have to lay this one down on the outside glass and start taking it appart at the inside first. you can open the diagram in a larger full view bty pressing the full view button and then you can zoom in with the left hand top corner.these are all different so take your time. I'll be working until later today but will be back around 3 I hope. thanks Bryan
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