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We have a (new to us) Kenmore Laundry Center model 417.94812301.

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We have a (new to us) Kenmore Laundry Center model 417.94812301. The dryer is not vented to the outside. The ducting is laying on the floor of the closet with a plastic "funnel" with holes in it. This funnel is the top of a 4 1/2" tall plastic bowl which seems to have some lint dregs in it. Is this what is called "ventless"? What do we need to do to be able to use the dryer without getting lint all over the closet? Also, this closet is 36" wide x 65" long x 98 " high. My husband is afraid that it will be too moist/hot/dusty to store some wood folding chairs we just bought. Your opinion, please.
well that is a ventless dryer lint catch and the way it works is you put water in the bottom of the bucket part and when the dryer vents the water catches the lint thats blown into it. the problem with these systems is the moister which can be allot. I gathjer theres no way of venting this outside is that right? Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That is true at this point. This is a condo and apparently the former owners didn't do much laundry. Did you mean moisture when you referred to it being "allot"? We may be able to relocate the laundry center this spring/summer so it can be vented properly.
yeah I meant moisture when I was talking about allot. thats how the dryer works it take the moister out and it is vented into the water so ther may be allot depending how wet the clothes are when they go in. I've seen allot of people use these though so if you can get away with it until you can get it relocated then its fine.hope this helps, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Since I have never used a ventless dryer lint catch before, can you tell me how much water should go into the bucket? Is this something that needs to be cleaned out every time the dryer is used? Also, your opinion on whether the wooden folding chairs would be damaged by being stored in the same closet with the dryer?

I won't ask any more questions, I appreciate your patience with me.

you should probably fill this about 3/4 of the way up and then just check it every three or four days and scoop the lint out and through it in the can rince it out once in a while also but basicly thats it. as far as the wooden folding chair unless its got moisture on it it shouldnt but keep an I on it. the first few times you use it check the bucket and see how much lint is in it and that should tell you how often you need to clean it.thanks Bryan
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