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My Samsung microwave is giving me a flashing"SE" code. It

Customer Question

My Samsung microwave is giving me a flashing"SE" code. It can do it at anytime but usually seems to happen in the late hours of the morning. Daylight savings time is has been turned off. I've read that the problem is the touchpad but I'm leaning toward the board the the touchpad plugs in to.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  william replied 8 years ago.
whats your model number? thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
SMH7178STE is my microwave model number. Unit is 2 years old.
Expert:  william replied 8 years ago.

i just got done looking over the tech sheet off your model and there no error code SE so i believe that its the main control board hope this helps








Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Your answer was of no help, but thanks anyway.

From Samsung FAQ:
"Some models are equipped with a sensor that can automatically adjust the oven's heating time based on the amount of steam in the oven. If your microwave is displaying E1, E4, or E5, there may be an issue with the gas sensor. For an E1 error, press the Cancel button and check on the food.
Other microwaves do not give specific error messages and just display "8888" on the LED. If you get this error message, your microwave needs service.
If the message is either ERROR or E-6, it indicates a mechanical fault.
For all error indications, including the SE or 5E error, try unplugging the microwave from the outlet for at least ten minutes and then plug it back in. If the error persists, the microwave may require service. Please use our ASC Locater to find your nearest Authorzied Service Center."

Expert:  william replied 8 years ago.


1. With 2 fingers touch and hold the following pads at the same time :


2. Observe diagnostic number in display (Numbers approximate)

ex) 33 (Vs) 39 (Vout)

? Vout Vaule : 10~150 (Normal-verify with "detection test" )

? Over 150 or Less than 10 (Sensor failed. Check connection of Sensor.)

Sensor Error Code.

E61 - Open error. Sensor unpluged, wiring or smart board

E62 - Short error. Shorted sensor or smart board




this is out of your tech sheet hard to figure out with out the number codes








Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Which 2 pads am I suppose to push?



Expert:  william replied 8 years ago.

Press the ‘pause/cancel'pad, sorry about that having problems with server




Expert:  william replied 8 years ago. here go here this will show where everything is be carefull ok good luck and remember if your gonna do this yourself to discharge the capacitor first it holds 5000 volts thanks









Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Ok William,

Here are the only things I could get using the pause/cancel button.


If I hold the pause/cancel button and the start button I get SMH7178 050717A.


If I hold the pause/cancel for 8 seconds I get the SE code! Note SE could be 5E code.


I think I just figured out what's happening! People complain that The "SE" code usually happens in the middle of the night. It gets colder in the middle of the night and the keypad membrane in probaly contracting and putting pressure on the pause/cancel button for more than 8 seconds. That's my theory



Expert:  william replied 8 years ago.
that web site works pretty good dont it! i would try the sensors