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My dishwasher is not dissolving the detergent. Do these dishwashers

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My dishwasher is not dissolving the detergent. Do these dishwashers heat their own water like the washing machines?
a dishwasher does have the themostat for hot water but it only helps the water get hot ,,, you need to set your water heater so the water temp is between 120 and 140 to clean the dishes and to dissolve the detergent and ten before useing the unit run the water at the sink till its good and hot and then start the dishwasher and it will be fine / larry
Customer: replied 8 years ago.



This dishwasher is ten years old and has been dissolving the detergent just fine. It has stopped dissolving the detergent. The water is not heating (Asko) enough to dissolve the detergent.


My washing machine is also an Asko, it has only a cold water connection and heats the water as high as 180 degees with an internal heating element.

the washer and dishwasher are build different ,,,, but lets do this and it may yet be something other than what i said since its 10 years and not new ,,,,,, set the spray arms in a direction that you know they are and start the dishwasher and when you hear it start washing open the door quick and see if the arms turned or turning and feel the water when you open the door and tell me how hot it feels / thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The water is very cool. The arms appear to be operating correctly.
if the water is very cool then you need to turn up the hot water at the water heater and that will fix it / larry
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Larry, we checked the temp on the hot water heater. It is set for 160 and has not been changed. Again, the dishwasher had been working correctly, dissolving the detergent. It just started this problem. I believe the Asko takes in cold water and heats the water in the basin of the unit before the wash cycle begins. That would be the reason the water is cold?
turn on the sink water and see if its good and hot before i say its the termister in the dishwasher
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
You cannot hold your hands under the tap water.
ok then ,,,, the problem will be the termister, themostat or control ,,,,, eather or all can cause it not to heat the water before it wash so if the washer isnt hot enought it wont dissolve the detergent so it would be my advice to get a tech to come out with his meters to check all three so you wont have to replace all three and only the one needed
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Does the element in the bottom of the unit have anything to do with it?
the parts supply power to the element which then comes on and heats the water ,,,,, does it look like it may be burnt
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No, I can't say that it does, the element does come on to dry the dishes, however. What does ther termister do?
the termister sence the temp of the water to turn on the heater to warm the water but so does the themostat and the control tells it to heat so thats why i said it would be the best to get a tech and his meters out to check them
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We have a local company, the only one in our area, that services Asko. A few months ago, we called them because we were having a leaking problem with the door. I went on line and purchased the gaskets and seals (which according to the schematics applied). They used our parts, the bill was $538.90. I almost died. My husband and I are retired and I could have purchased a new dishwasher for that. Now I am compelled to fix it myself, I cannot afford another bill of that type.
i understand that ,,, you may have to make 3 trips to but the parts but i would first order the heating thomostat and the element and install them ,,, you will have to slide the dishwasher out and tilt it back to do it and then if have to order the termister ,,,, but that will be a heck of a lot cheaper ,,,, be sure to kill the power before you start working on it ,,,, the element is held by to nuts and the themostat is by a champ / larry
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks Larry. We were struggling with how we were going to be able to fix this appliance. Big difference when your working full time, building a new house and the economy is running full tilt, you buy appliances like the Asko because it save electricity and water and uses half the detergent.


Now I would rather have a standard American made appliance that anyone works on. Oh well, live and learn.

i understand ,,,,,, you have a good evening and feel free to contact me any time / dont forget to hit the accept button for me / larry
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