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Hello! I have a Kenmore Elite Smartheat Steamcare Quietpak9.

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Hello! I have a Kenmore Elite Smartheat Steamcare Quietpak9. It does not dry the clothes adequately at all. The matching washer spins them out great. Six bath towels take 4.5 hours to dry. No kidding. The clothes are warm but never hot - even if I run it set on high heat with dry items in there. Just warm. I'm frustrated! Bought the units at a Sears outlet store and left was out of state for a few months. Did not buy the extended warranty. So... I'm wondering if this is normal for the appliance - I assume it's not normal. I have always bought Whirlpool appliances, and usually from Sears. Always been very, very happy. This is driving me batty! THANK YOU for your time!
Hello this is not a issue with the unit. You have a venting issue either a kinked hose or the vent in the wall to the outside is clogged up. Take the vent hose of the unit and run a load it will dry fine if the vent in the wall gets clogged the dryer will not heat and dry correctly. Once you have ran a load with the vent hose disconnected you will see that it works and you will need to look in the yellow pages for a dryer vent cleaner this is a very common issue on makes and models of dryers.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you so much - this is awesome! I am confused by the payment... I think I already paid, but when I clicked on "Yes" at "Accept Answer?" it took me to a place that said "Add Deposit." I didn't understand - is this an additional deposit or the one I thought I already posted? Please make this clear. I know others will appreciate it.

Now I have to find out if it was paid and to figure out how to pay it if it wasn't. Ummm... I'm not smart enough for this.


Alice Fusco
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
To Just Answer:

Okay - it says my balance at Just Answer is $2, but I thought I paid $15... so you only deducted $13 from my account? Doesn't seem quite fair to the smart fellow who helped me. I guess I'm just going to be confused...
Ok you place a deposit then when you click accept it pays me for my time and answer to your question The add a deposit is a bonus you do not have to do this you have done your part.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you! I didn't realize this question was going to you. Have a good evening!
Your welcome and thank you good luck!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Our dryer exhaust hose was COMPLETELY crimped! We PAID the store to install it. They pushed the dryer all the way back into the wall. I'm flabbergasted. Even I know to not do that! I'm absolutely astonished that these people paid to install the thing did this! They install appliances all day and did that, and here you are on the Internet and you knew just what it was just from the symptoms I described!

I have added a bonus - you have saved me money. I was going to call a repair guy out. I cannot thank you enough - your expertise saved us money and aggravation. The fact that you knew right off that it was an exhaust issue just amazes me. THANK YOU, XXXXX XXXXX THANK YOU!!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!
Hello im glad you figured out the issue thank you for the bonus i really appreciate it thanks!! Thank you for using just answer!!

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