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Mytag msd2556aew frdige. Ice maker over flows or frezzes up,

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Mytag msd2556aew frdige. Ice maker over flows or frezzes up, not enought water or too much, sometimes hollow ice
Hello do you have good water pressure out of the water dispenser? It will overflow sometimes or freeze??
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Pressure is good. Sometimes overflows the tray and then freezes at bottom of ice cube container in a big clump - under the auger fromwater flowing over. Sometimes freezes up in the tray and we use a hair dryer to unthaw the ice tray a bit so that it will dump the ice. Water is also building uo on the prongs so that it does not move. They will not turn.

Thus sometimes freezes too much, sometimes over flows, sometimes good cubes, sometimes hollow cubes.

Ok great if you are sure that you have good pressure the ice maker is at fault it sounds like its not filling for the correct amount of time so the next time it cycles there is still ice inside so its overflowing the timer and or the heater on the unit is bad. You will need to change the im to fix your issue.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I would presume the water pressure is okay. We us eit to fill drinking cuos all day.

\Sometime the ice unit will work for weeks and then we have problems for a number of days where we have to keep unthawing it to unfreeze the prongs in the ice tray so thst they turn. When it drops the ice it sometimes lloks fine. We whatch it and it does not over flow. But when we check in 20 miniutes the brongs thst sre sticking up and are used to rotate and ppush the ice up - the progs have ice on themselves and will noty turn until we break the ice off and they they go. I am not sure hwo the ice accumulates on the prtongs that are sticking uo at about a 60 degree angle.

There is alos the issue of over flow (maybe the ice does not come out and it tries filling again?) Also sometimes the ice is hollow.

It is a funny situation as so many things are happening and none are consistent everytime but we have to keep checking it throughout the day.


ok you are correct the unit is not harvesting so the water coming in is freezing on the fingers.The ice maker is not calling for water long enough that is why you have hollow cubes. You will need to replace the im to resolve your issue.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

What is the IM ?

What about when the cubes do freeze and not drop because the finger tips ( The prongs sticking up that push the ice out in a clock work fashion get stuck at times when they hit the ice.

Ice the ice too frozen and they don't have the power to break them?

Does something need to heat the ice to loosen them up?

Is it heating it not enough sometimes and can it dump more water on them frozen ice before they are removed?

How does this maybe explain the hollow cubes that have tops frozen but when they come out it s the bottom that has no ice and the insides have very thin sides. Could it be that the ice heater at the bottom of the tray is heating them too much and thus melting them, they get dumped, more water comes in and somertimed overs floes because of the excess water in from when it mayber melted too much?


Thank you so very much. This has been frustrating for a year.

I love this site now that I found it.

The im is the ice maker.When the ice freezes on the finger tips the ice maker is not dumping a load of ice and the water is filling on top of the ice already in the ice maker. There is a metal heater on the bottom of the ice maker this comes on and loosens the ice so it can harvest. The hollow cubes are either from the ice maker not calling for water long enough or the water filter needs to be changed.You will need to change the filter and the ice maker to fix your issue.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The filter has just been changed this Christmas,

When you state to change the ice maker exactly how much are you talking about>

Just the heater, or the bottom tray, prongs and motor also?

Thermostate too.

Or can we try one thing at a time and if so what order would you recommend?



You have to buy the unit as a whole assembly you can not get just one part.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I just looked on a few sites. some see the whole units, some sell anyparts you need such as the heater tray, thermostate, etc.

any suggestions on what to try first or go with the whole unit which is much more expensivel

i have never seen separate parts available for the ice maker. I would say its going to be a lot harder to change individual parts than the whole assembly if your up for it and you can find the parts try it. Personally i would replace the unit as a whole.
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