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Hello! I have a Kenmore Dryer (electric) Model 110.62622101.

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Hello! I have a Kenmore Dryer (electric) Model: 110.62622101. 2-3 years old. The dryer will turn on and run for a few minutes and then stop in the middle of the cycle. Does this regardless of which cycle you put it on. It does heat up while it is running. After it cuts off, you have to wait ten to thirty minutes before it will start again. The vents have been completely cleaned. Lint trap cleaned out carefully after every use. Any ideas?
Unfortunately, it sounds like you have a bad motor. The motor is thermally protected and will shut off if it overheats. What you are waiting for is the motor to cool down so that it can restart. If it was anything else electronic it would restart right away.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the speedy reply. Do you say "unfortunate" because of the cost? Is this a repair that is worth attempting or am I better off replacing it.

The part is about 100 dollars and it takes about an hour to replace. You can order the part here.

Part 2584 (Click to enlarge)
Grid is 1 inch square
Item #
In Stock?
Drive motor, all Whirlpool-made dryers before 1996.

(Note: Some 1996-1997 dryers use motor part number 158 instead. If you think your dryer was made after 1995 please double check by using your model number in the PartDetective)
Recommended related item(s): 686172,3436,1170641
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