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I was cleaning around the door of the oven before using the

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I was cleaning around the door of the oven before using the self-clean. I touched the latch and now I can't shut the oven door. This happened once before and it cost me a visit from a repairman. However, he fixed it in 2 minutes. He said that the computer needed to reset itself. I unplugged the range for over an hour, but I still can't shut the oven door. Do I need to press any buttons to reset it?



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Try this-


Hold the oven door switch button (for the light) in and set the range to go into the self clean cycle.


Then after 3 minutes cancel the self cleaning cycle. The latch should undo itself in a couple of minutes.


If this does not work, please post the model number. You will find it when you open the storage drawer on the frame of the range above the feet. You may have turn your head sideways to read it.


I may have to check back with you in the morning.




Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I turned the light switch on and started the self cleaning cycle, but it flashed 'door' and beeped. Is the oven door switch button just the light switch? I set the self clean cycle for 3 hours, but it didn't start.


Here is the model of the range: Maytag MER 5770 ACW.


Hope you can solve this problem for me! Thanks!




While holding down the door switch (should be with the light switch), press the cancel button for the self cleaning several times and/or hold down the cancel button.


By the way the range does need to plugged in and on for this to work. I"m going to check the service manual for more.







The service manual gives instructions to move the latch back by hand. On this type you can usually do that if you play with the latch moving it a bit up and down while sliding it back to it correct open position.


I would still attempt to do the self clean and cancel because that would reset the electronics.


I see that you are offline. So, I will wait 5 minutes and then check back in the morning.



Hi farley,


The door switch you need to hold in is the one where the oven door closes onto and shuts the light switch off.



Bernard S. and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Ta da! That clarified the matter!


Thanks a lot for your help! You solved my problem so I'll press the accept button so that you get paid...


Thanks again! XXXXX can go to bed...

Hi fraley1960,


You're welcome and thank you for the "accept". It was a late one! Have a Happy New Year.