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I have a fridge-freezer, Miele electronic, which is approx

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I have a fridge-freezer, Miele electronic, which is approx nine years old. About a week ago, the fridge section reduced temperature to ) degrees. We have washed it out, cleaned the back, moved it into an open space, done all we can think of. One of us did pour some hot water into the drainage hole at the back which I am not convinced was helpful - but this was some way on in the process of trying to fix it. Does it sound like a compressor to you and if so what would be the likely cost of repairs - and is this worth doing for a nine-year-old appliance or would we be better off to cut our losses and go out to the sales for a new one?
do you hear any buzzing or clicking in the back near compressor? is there any frost on the back panel of the freezer section? are the fans running? can you get us model # ? thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Model is KF6424S-6, purchased 13 01 2000


no frost on freezer section; there is a clicking noise and fans seem to be running.



sounds like this may need a compressor relay, I cant get the info for the part though , if its just a relay it is probably worth fixing. I'll try to find the part later when the warehouse opens , do you think you can work on this yourself? let me know thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for your help Bryan. I will take this on now and see where it takes me. A happy new year to you.



your welcome, these are not to hard to replace you can probably do it yourself, thanks and happy new year to you also. see if this helps you find the complete model # XXXXX let me know , if I've helped please press accept , you can still come back and ask more questions as long as you dont close the question, thanks again Bryan
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