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I have a whirlpool duet sport (wfw8300sw00) and cannot find

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I have a whirlpool duet sport (wfw8300sw00) and cannot find the correct bellow. I received a w10178959 from whirlpool and went to install it only to find out it was the wrong one (too large in diameter by about 1"). When you set them side by side the difference is obvious. One is about 15" in diameter and the other is 16" or so. I reinstalled the old one in frustration. Whirlpool insists that this is the correct one. Today I went to a local supply house and they pulled the exact same part: w10178959. I told them that it wouldn't work. Anyone run into this?
is this the one you recieved Part(NNN) NNN-NNNN width=I've never run into one that didnt fit, but that doesnt mean yours doesnt. let me know. p.s. this is the only one I show for this also.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It looks very similar. The one I received is made by FSP and has a number W10178959. This is the exact same brand and part number that the supply house here in Atlanta carried. When you go to install this (very straight-forward...only goes on one way) there is about an inch of slack where it is attached. If the clamp was reinstalled you would have a fold in the new bellow. I reinstalled the old one easily and it fits perfect. It doesn't leak now because I rotated the tear to the top side (a temporary fix because now it wont drain properly).
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Is it possible that the bellow i received is for a larger model? Like a 9000 series? Mine is a sport, which from what I understand is a smaller model.
I dont think this is the case. I looked it up with your model # XXXXX'll tell you the best thing to do to check that though, click here and if anyone can tell you , he's open now and knows just about everything as far as parts goes, if you call him he'll let you know if there is another one for your unit, let me know thanks Bryan
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