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My GE GSD6200 series dishwasher frequently makes groaning sounds

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My GE GSD6200 series dishwasher frequently makes groaning sounds when the pump is running. The problem is random but more than 60% of the time. The unit is full of scale build up and I am trying to remove the parts below the lower spray arm to clean out any debris that may be below the screen. I am having trouble doing this. I got the spray arm off but am having difficulty removing the next part. Thoughts?
there isnt to much under the spray arm to clean out on this but if you check behind the spray arm on the right you will see a screen cover thats where the chopper blades are on this there may be stuff in it. be careful you dont cut yourself there could be glass in it. also how much water is in the machine after it fills? let me know thanks Bryan, p.s. clickl here for diagrams,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I got the screen cover off and felt down inside ( I assume this is the pump inlet. There is loose scale build-up. I don't know how much water is normally in the dishwasher when I run it. I will check it. I suppose that the groaning sound might be pump cavitation if the water level is not high enough. Also it appears that the middle and upper spray arms do not rotate. Could this be related? Thanks
it sounds like you may not be getting enough water and this will make it growl check the water level after the first fill. let me know thanks. Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Water level seems fine in that is is just below the heating coil. I have taken out all of the dish racks and spray arms. I have cleaned out the sump basket and replacing the screen. I have been running the dishwasher and adding a couple of cups of hot vinegar to get rid of the deposits. The water seems to be coming out of all three spray arm supply points.   I am also soaking all of the spray arms in warm vinegar/water which seems to be removing the deposits. The dishwasher is not making the growling noise at this time. As soon as it finishes I will replace the dish racks and all of the spray arms and again run it while adding warm vinegar.
that was one of the things I was going to tell you to do is run vinegar through it. the one thing to watch for is when it starts growling check the water level then and see how much is in it, maybe your valves not opening all the time. also under the machine on the front of the motor some of these g.e. d/w have a fan that cools the motor and sometimes they come loose but usually it makes a racket when this happens. let me know how it goes. thanks Bryan
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