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My Amana Model ARS2365AW is not cooling. Can you help me troubleshoot

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My Amana Model ARS2365AW is not cooling. Can you help me troubleshoot this problem. How can I tell if the Starter/Capactor or compressor is defective or if the control system is not operating?
is the compressor running? also is the compressor hot? does it humm and click a lot?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The compressor is not running or hot. The fan in rear turns on when I turn the control in the inside of the unit to ON and increase the settig to higher temps
ok so what you need to check is if the compressor is getting 120V, To check the compressor, take the overload relay off the side of the compressor (part with wires and plastic). Measure resistance of the compressor from 1 prong to another--- there should be 3 prongs--- do all 3 combinations for resistance--- one should be 5 the other 10 and the other 15.

then check 1 prong to the case of the compressor, this should be open.

If any of this is not the case you need a compressor. If you are getting 120V and all of the statements above are true then you need an overload relay.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Where can I locate the overload relay?
the overload relay is attached to the compressor itself--- usually a plastic looing device with wires going into it---- there are no wires that go into the compressor only the over load relay.

so it goes Wires ->>>> overload relay >>>> compressor
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The compressor just kicked on. Do you think I have an intermittent overload relay? Also, is there a "starter/capacitor" on this unit? You have been a great help educating me on the operation of a refrigeration system! Thank You
the overload relay is the starter/capacitor, when the compressor kicks on the fan next to it should also go on--- give it some time if the compressor is on it should start cooling--- if your refrigerator is warm right now the compressor under no circumstance should shut off in the next hour so just make sure it doesn't else you still have a problem with the compressor or overload relay.

The problem can deffinately be intermittant--- but if that's the case then your in luck because it won't be the compressor itself it would be more likely the overload relay.

Make sure the fan in the freezer is running right now as well---- if they are then just wait and see.
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