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Timer replaced on a model MAH3000AWW/ SN25114119UM. Timer now

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Timer replaced on a model MAH3000AWW/ SN25114119UM. Timer now advances however machine will not spin and water continues to run, also the door will not unlock. The door indicator light does not come on when the door is locked.Can you advise?
is this a maytag? and was the reason you put a new timer in for ?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.



This is a Maytag neptune/ Model MAH3000AWW/ SN 25114119UM.


I changed the old timer because it would not advance. All else worked when I manually advanced the timer.



i have the service manuel here i will look this up for you can i ask you where are you at? and your 3 problems are wont spin water continues to run and your door will not unlock is this correct?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.



I am in Lothian, Maryland, suburban DC.


You are correct in describing my three problems.

ok thanks it might be a bit but ill be back on
hey charles i forgot to ask you but does this show you a fault code maybe in lights or something to that affect thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.



I don't see any fault codes. There is no LED display on this machine. How else would fault codes be indicated?



chuck on led lights anyways does this shut down in mid cycle and will not start.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Machine appears to have shut down at spin, water continued to run for an unspecified amount of time and the door came open.



did you change the timer yourself because the reason why im asking is because im gonna send you some info for you to check on your machine and did you know that your machine and many others were on the recall list for the main control board and door lock mechaniasm problems and thats why whirlpool bought maytag out

Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Yes, I changed the timer. I did not know this machine was on recall. This machine has worked fine for me until now.



The motor drive system experienced a momentary loss of neutral feed from the power cord to the

Motor Control Board. The neutral line for the Motor Control Board passes across the water valve

solenoids. Neutral to the motor drive system can be momentarily lost If there is poor crimping of any

of the wire terminals in this circuit. This situation could result in a misdiagnosis and unnecessary

replacement of the Motor or Motor Controller Board.

Current Neptune front load washers will indicate a false locked rotor signal to the Machine Control

Board. Washers with a LED display will flash code "LR" in the display. LCD washers will display

"Locked Rotor." The earlier built front loaders will not display a code, but simply shut down in midcycle

or will not start.

Pull each terminal of the white wire harness connected to each water valve solenoid and verify the

wire is properly stripped and crimped to the metal terminal connector of the wire harness. Make sure

the wires fit snug on the terminals of the water valve solenoids. ok chuck if this dont work for you you will have to change the control board and the door lock mechanism because everything runs throught the control board and the contol board alone runs $300.00 can you see why maytag went belly up good luck chuck



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