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Hello, Im trying to avoid calling the maintanance person to

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Hello, I'm trying to avoid calling the maintanance person to check out my dishwasher so hopefully you can tell me what I might need to do. The problem is that my 4 yr old dishwasher seems to be working properly but the buttons are lighting up when they're not supposed to. For example, before I would just push 'normal wash' and then 'START' but now when i push 'normal' or any other button, the washer automatically starts and all the lights start blinking for normal and other washes. Do you think there is anything I can try before I call in someone to take a look? Thanks so much for your time!!!!
so will the wash start before you even shut the door?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
<p>No it does not start before i shut the door</p>
ok can I get a model number for this unit? and what buttons start flashing when you press just "normal"

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I didnt even think of a sorry. But i know that it is a Kenmore Elite Smartwash. I hope this helps.
The buttons that blink when i push the normal button are sensing, drying, and (delay hours 2 4 8) < i've never used the delay feature.
Hmm ok well unfortunately there's only about 1 think you can do to try and clear this up. That is to turn the power off to the unit at the circuit breaker for 60 seconds and turn it back on.

It sounds to me like you have a bad control board, your touchpad seems to be working correctly because all of your buttons are still functional, but your control board is just clustered. Sometimes reseting the board, similar to reseting a computer, will clear up the confusion. Try this and if it doesn't work you will need the new board.

If you get me a model number (which should be located around the frame of the unit if you open the door) then I would be able to look up the part number and price if you needed.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That's great. Thank you so much! I will try your suggestion first!
I do hope it works, unfortunately the 2nd option is not probably going to be the cheapest alternative.