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I am a retired widow, not interested or able to afford the

Customer Question

I am a retired widow, not interested or able to afford the fancy new big refrigerators. I have two Amana refrigerators, one nine years old in the house and one ten years old which is in my barn. Both are "basic" in that they have no water or ice makers, etc.both are white finish of some sort clad over steel. The newer one in my house is resting through the white finish. It works fine, seal is good, but the outer shell seems to be simply disintegrating from the inside out. I realize that there is likely nothing that protecting me after so many years, but is there anything I can do so that I can keep this refrigerator working as long as possible. So far the damage appears cosmetic only, but I would like to protect the machine if I can. Your advice greatly appreciated. (The older refrigerator, which is in the barn, has a few rust spots where it has been dented and scratched over time, but is nowhere near as badly affected to outer appearances as the newer one.)
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Francis replied 8 years ago.

with the " working as long as possible " issue, i can recommend regular cleaning of the condensing unit.

this is the grill at the back of the unit or underneath the unit itself.
this grill heats up so with an accumulated dirt, it can not dispense the heat and would be a cause of compressor breakdown.

if you have a fan near your compressor ( the black round thing at the back of the unit) make sure that this fan is lubricated regularly ( at least every 6 months ) so it will not quit on you.

then if you can un plug the unit when ever there is a power failure, it could save you a compressor. (this is only if you can)
if your not around the house then there is really nothing you can do about it.

we have encounter a lot of problems when they did not unplug the unit after a power failure and the unit won't cool anymore.
it was damaged by voltage surge. you can plug it back after 10 minutes. at least the voltage has stabilized already.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This answer does not even match the question I asked. DO NOT PROCESS MY DEPOSIT AND CREDIT MY ACCOUNT. I asked about the rust bleeding through my machine, not its mechanical compressor operations.
Expert:  Francis replied 8 years ago.
I am sorry if i did not get your thoughts right away, i know i can not do anything with the cosmetics but since you want to use the fridge "as long as possible" then that's where i recommend some pointer for you to look at.

anyway, regarding the rust that is bleeding from your unit, these are water condensate that is accumulating from the inside. the cooler the fridge and the warmer the ambient temperature, the more water condensate forming.

some units have these mullion heaters to heat up the external body of the fridge to prevent this from occurring.
you can check the inside of the unit if it has this feature. it would have a switch that would say moisture appearing on the outside and you have to switch this on.

if you do not have this switch. then i would guess that you do not have this feature and it can not be install in your unit because it would be inserted between the body and the insulation.

another suggestion would be just to set the thermostat where in the fridge would not get too cold to create the water condensate but not too low and would not function as it should.