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My 9 year old Maytag fridge msd2957ae sometimes leaves a puddle

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My 9 year old Maytag fridge msd2957ae sometimes leaves a puddle underneath it. I have checked it right after it has filled the icemaker or a glass from the water dispenser and have seen no puddle. Ideas? Thanks.
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freezer side is leaking water on to the floor

Any ice inside the freezer bottom as well? If yes, possible plugged/restricted defrost water drain and the defrost water is leaking out rather than going down the drain. Lower panel in the freezer back is removable to access the drain systems entrance hole.

If no ice inside, possible defrost pan is full/cracked/has a pin hole and the defrost water is leaking onto the floor.

The best way to clean the drain out so theres not a problem with it in the future is to first thaw the ice out of the drip pan in the freezer, then remove the back panel from the refrigerator and manually remove the drain tube and wash it out. 90% of the time the drain freezes up because a ball of dust gets built up in the end of the tube and it slows the flow of water down enough to freeze it up before it makes its way down the drain. If you stick a wire or something like that down the drain you might clear that restriction out and you might not. Most the time you will clear the drain temporarily and with in a month or two the problem is back. So by removing the tube and cleaning it out with a garden hose or something you can be sure to get all the dust out of it so the problem doesn't come back any time soon. Also if the refrigerator had a removable drain pan take it out and clean the dust out of it too. On a lot of newer Frigidaire and Maytag refrigerators the end of the defrost drain tube is very close to the bottom of the pan, like 1/8" above it. So every time the water evaporates out of the pan it leaves a hard layer of dust in the bottom. With the tube that close to the bottom it will plug as soon as the layer of dust gets to be 1/8" thick. I always cut the tube about 1/2" shorter so its farther away from the bottom of the pan to eliminate the problem in the future. On the newer Frigidaire's they also work better if the end of the tube is left out of the hole on the side of the pan, just drop it above the open part of the drain pan

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