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electric range (sears kenmore) flat top and oven

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Stainless steel electric range (sears kenmore, only about 2 yrs old, single oven) flat top AND oven BOTH stopped working last night -- it worked fine during day. Both oven and surface top now don't work at all BUT the surface light still works. Any clues on what's wrong? Which parts needs replacing? where buy them? any special tools I need to do the work myself? I"m pretty handy -- have just never dealt w/ a broken range (old model worked fine, I should've waited until it broke to replace it! : - ) I can't afford a new range at this time so can hopefully replace some parts to fix it. THANKS!
sounds like a power problem. do you have breakers or fuses in your home? check for 220 volts to stove. let me know if you have a volt meter , thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes, re: breaker in condo. I"ll do check it again to make sure it's not flipped off (thought it looks like it didn't but sometimes that is deceiving). Why would light on top of stove still work?

I will go buy a volt meter if necessary, what am I checking for?
because on eside of the power will light up the lights in this but you need 220. volts to make nay of the burners or bake elements light up. pull the stove out after you check breaker and unplug it, take the back off of the stove and check where the plug attatches and see if a wire burned off. that happens allot. if you get a volt meter check for 220 volts at the plug. thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Wow! this is first time I've used this svc and I can't believe how fast you are -- thanks! IF the wire is burned off , I"m assuming it's a no brainer to replace. Can I buy what I need to replace it at Home Depot or Menards or do I need to go to a specialty store? ( live in Chicago so that shouldn't be a problem). p.s. problem isn't in my current house, but in a rental house -- do I just need some basic tools, screwdrivers and stuff to take back off stove? Any special type of volt meter I should buy?
there are probably 1/4" screws holding the back on but they may be phillips. you can get a cord at home depot no problem if this is whats wrong , also can you get me model# ? thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm going to drive over to condo now to see if I can just turn breaker off/on to fix problem, then will take back off and look at wire if no luck. Will get model number for you if issue still problem. THANKS!

p.s. what percent of fees that I pay do you get? Can I request you personally next time I need help or is it a generic pool of folks who reply?

really not that much but enough, we do accept bonuses but its not reqiured, you can request me I believe there is a button on your end to request tech, and thank you for you kind words. , make sure you push the breaker all the way over to off and then push it back to on so it resets correctly. let me know i'll be here most of the day in between jobs. thanks again , Bryan
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Bryan -- THANKS for your help. The problem was the 220 wire that goes into the outlet --(I took outlet out of wall after I thoroughly checked all of the stove connectors. One (of 3) of the connectors in outlet was fried and thus only half of that wire's little aluminum wires were connected so we weren't getting full 220 power. Problem taken care of -- fortunately there was still plenty of wire to work w/ and buying a new plug was easy.

Again, thanks for your help, you steered me in right direction re: power and looking at stove connectors so I'll know about that for next time.

Have a great day!