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I have a new diswasher model KUDP02FR. After installation

Resolved Question:

I have a new diswasher model KUDP02FR. After installation I noticed that the dishes were not dry after the first several runs. On about the 5th run, the unit fialed to do anyting, and the blue "clean" light began flashing contiusously. What should I do? Thanks
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Alan replied 8 years ago.
Here is the troubleshooting information for your dishwasher. If it is new it will be covered under the warranty and I would call a repairman to come fix it for free.

PROBLEM: Stopped Running, Will Not Start and Clean LED
Blinks 7 Times, then Repeats (Water Heating Fault)
Control is programmed to
stop running and not allow
any further cycles if it
detects a water heating
problem (no temperature
increase detected in heated
Main Wash on 3
consecutive cycles). Control
blinks the Clean LED 7 times
repeatedly and disables the
Start/Resume key until
Running Diagnostics clears the control
and allows it to operate again. The water
heating problem must be fixed or the
control will stop running again. See
potential causes below.
Heater circuit problem:
¦ Open in heater.
¦ Open connection or
component in heater circuit.
¦ Faulty heater drive circuit
on control.
1. Check operation of heater in
Diagnostics cycle.
2. Unplug dishwasher or disconnect
3. Check resistance of heater and all
components and connections in the water
heating circuit or heat dry circuit.
Wash pump not pumping
water past the heater
See “Wash Pump Will Not Pump”.
Door switch not making
contact consistently:
¦ Faulty or sloppy door
latch assembly (which can
be aggravated by high door
closure force keeping strike
plate from fully seating).
¦ Faulty door switch (high
NOTE: Neutral switch on
plastic tub models is only in
series with motor and
heater; other loads are not
1. Unplug dishwasher or disconnect
2. Measure resistance of door switch
contacts while checking mechanical
operation of latch assembly. Confirm
switches not loose from assembly. Check
strike plate and door closure.
Lack of water to heat. See “Will Not Fill or Low Water”.
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