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My Maytag gas range has an intermittent problem of pre-heating

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My Maytag gas range has an intermittent problem of "pre-heating" then either NOT maintaining the temperature, (by as much as 150 degrees) or indicating that it has come up to temperature but actually being only "touchable" warm. When this happens, the range emitts a strange gas odor, (not the typical raw natural gas smell).
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please send me the model # XXXXX I can look at the gas stove
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Maytag, #PGR5710BDW
The initial problem began with the oven at temperature, when we checked on the baking, found the temperature of the oven to be very low, (only warm), and we noticed a mildly strong exhaust gas like odor.
Subsequently intermittent times we pre-heated the oven, the system tells us that it achieved temperature but when we open the oven, it is only warm. Again the same odor, which we have attributed to the utilities "mixing" natural & propane gas.
We have been able to cancel and retry to preheat with some success.
Now the oven is not working more often than working.
Thanks for the help.
Trying to figure out what the likely repair is and the general range of cost.Customer
Hi Here is a breakdown of your stove. I looked at at It and I think If you spraythe shaft with WD 40. It should release the knob and also help the shaft so it can turn. You might not have to replace the switch. But after sprawing with the WD dont turn on the burners. Let the WD 40 evaporate. It could flare up. Hope I answered your question. Please accept The appliance doc
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