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Top dishwasher drawer stops after about 5 minutes and a red

Customer Question

Top dishwasher drawer stops after about 5 minutes and a red light comes on and the machine starts beeping. It is about 9 years old and the bottom drawer still works
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  GregoryA replied 8 years ago.
I assume this is a Fisher-Paykel product? Since it's 9 years old, I also assume it is a DD602? It matters if it is a 602 or a 603, they have totally different systems. The beeping and red light is a fault code. When it faults out like that, it trying to tell you what is wrong with it. What I would need you to do is open the drawer after it beeps, and look at the LEDS on the top of the drawer's front edge, where you select the cycles- tell me which lights are lit- as in "Rinse-Normal-Fast" or whatever lights are on. That is the fault code. If this machine has a wood front or a custom front, it does not have a display that would simply say "F1" or whatever.
I also need to know if it is a 602 or not, this makes all the difference in the world.

Waiting for your response. Keep in mind I am working and may not be able to reply right away, but I am very expereinced with these machines and can help you.

GregoryA and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Fisher and Paykel Double Dish Drawer Dishwasher

Fault red led front panel shows u3 inside top shows delicate wash lit up

Model is none of your suggestions it is 601 v2

It is a Stainless steel 2 drawer

Expert:  GregoryA replied 8 years ago.
That's a REALLY old one!

Since it has the LED readout, and you've already provided the code, we can get going on trying to help you solve this.

U3 can be a few different things, but the most common one is that the machine is set for LP or "Low Pressure" mode whan it needs to be in HP or HIGH PRESSURE mode. I've encountered this many times, customers say "but we didn't change anything!"
The problem with those old models, is the mode can be changed by accident from doing something as simple as wiping the top edge of the drawer, or if a child or toddler plays with the buttons and by chance happens to change modes.

Read carefully, this is what I need for you to do:

1. Open the top drawer, turn the POWER button on. Press the NORMAL button, turn off ECO Mode.
2. Take two fingers (this usualy takes two hands) and AT THE SAME TIME hold your fingers on the two outermost cycle selector buttons on the drawer top- The farthest to the left and the farthest to the right, and hold your fingers for at least 6 seconds. You should hear a BEEP and the lights should turn somewhat orange. When this happens, take your fingers off the drawer and look at the display- It will probably read "LP"
To change modes, push the "START/PAUSE" button and it should change to HP. (And little smiley face will also appear in the display!)
Now turn the machine power off and wait a moment, then turn it back on and and try the cycle again. It should work.

If this is not the issue, we can discuss further, but please try this first and let me know how it goes!!