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I have a GE Profile PT956 double electric oven that turned

Customer Question

I have a GE Profile PT956 double electric oven that turned itself off while cooking our Thanksgiving Day turkey (2008). The oven is just out of the 12 month warranty by about 3 weeks. After turning the breaker off and on it started displaying an F0 error code. On occasion there is beeping to accompany the F0 code. I've turned the breaker off several times, sometimes a half day to a full day. After tuning the breaker back on after an extended off period sometimes the control panel is dead and a half hour or so later it will start flashing the F0 code, sometime it beeps too. Other times the control panel works and I can turn on one or both of the two ovens, but within an hour the oven turns off on its own accord and a while later an F0 code will appear. Then other times the oven will have a mind of its own although the control panel is dead (with the breaker on), it will start cycling through different displays on the panel, sometime it looks like it is trying to put itself in the automatic clean cycle (but it doesn't initiate), sometimes it will turn on the light in the upper oven...

The automatic clean cycle was used only one time ever and only on the upper oven about a week before the F0 error code and other assorted problems occurred. Note that the F7 error code has yet to appear (since that seems to be a popular one for GE ovens). The magic "paper on the ribbon connector" doesn’t appear applicable on this model since the ribbon cord never passes through any sort of opening, there is direct and unobstructed access for the ribbon cord from the back of the glass control touch panel circuit board to the erc panel circuit board.

I did find the following part number on, GE part no. WB27T10905 "CONTROL ERC DDHE 30 PROF" for about $226. If indeed what I need is a new electronic range control (ERC), is this the part I need?

Thanks for any help that may be offered.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  master appliance tech replied 8 years ago.
here is your code

F0 or F1 Failed transistor in control If code cannot be cancelled, replace the Electronic Range Control (ERC) or touch pad

if the touch pad is separate from the control board get it too the have both been re designed so better to update them together
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The documentation I found taped in the ERC enclosure above the upper oven indicates that there is no F1 error code for this unit. The F0 code that has been displayed can be canceled, but only when the control panel feels like responding after the power has been turned back on to the unit. Even then the unit ends up with a new F0 error code within an hour or two whether or not it has been used. The referenced documentation provides the following information about the F0 failure code:


Failure Code: F0

Meaning: Shorted OFF key

Correction: Perform glass touch key panel test, make sure to test EVERY pin combination for possible shorts. If there are not shorts, the problem is probably with the control.


Prior to accepting your response I need to know what the appropriate part numbers and descriptions are (which I'll verify with The complete model number as listed inside the lower oven door is PT956W0M1WW (which I've seen referenced as PT956WMWW and PT956WM1MM). As indicated in my initial question, the touch panel is separate from the ERC (which is why there is a ribbon cord connecting the two). This is a year 2007 model. Are you sure both the control panel (which is a glass control touch panel) and the ERC have indeed been updated? If so, beginning with what serial number did the updates occur?


Thank you.

Expert:  master appliance tech replied 8 years ago.
for the touch pad WB36T11146
for the control WB27T10905
they show the ribbon as be sold separately WB18T10371 i think i would spent the extra 30$ on it

i am not a parts man i fix them and have some one else look up parts i install so i have no errors that fall on me wile ordering my parts but these should be right and these are the GE part numbers most online stores uses there own part numbers good luck
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I verified the part numbers you provided as likely fitting this application through Regarding what I think is the glass touch control panel which based on looking at my unit is about 30" long and 5-1/2" tall, at the top of the unit, above the upper oven (a glass panel with a printed circuit bonded to the back of it) just what is the WB36T11146 described as "panel cntl tape asm (ca)" inclusive of? Will it include the glass panel or am I expected to salvage the one I have somehow by debonding the supposed faulty printed circuit and applying the new one?


Since these parts (the ERC and control panel) are over $200 each, I want to be sure both are needed, so back to your initial response and my follow up question:


"This is a year 2007 model. Are you sure both the control panel (which is a glass control touch panel) and the ERC have indeed been updated? If so, beginning with what serial number did the updates occur?"


Thank you.

Expert:  master appliance tech replied 8 years ago.
i am not sure they have been updated i like changing them out in pairs because they work in paris i have a few people to say they only one the control board and 2 months later same problem i dont offer an warranty if both are not changed on my work when i go to a house to fix this problem.

the touch pad should come with the glass there was not a part number for the glass just one number pointing to the touch pad. did you buy the extended warranty?
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I understand your logic in replacing them in pairs and declining a warranty when they are not replaced in a pair. No, I did not purchase an extended warranty. This unit is 12 months and 3 weeks old (3 weeks out of warranty). If I had the extended warranty I would not be concerned about the cost of replacing both the control panel and the ERC.


I've already sworn off Sears appliances (Kenmore/Whirlpool) because of product quality issues, slow, late and sloppy repairs and parts shipping. I guess GE will be the next appliance manufacture to lose my business. Good thing there are many other manufactures to choose from, just as good for Kenmore/Whirlpool and GE there are even more consumers to screw.

Expert:  master appliance tech replied 8 years ago.
well well well Whirlpool owns Maytag amana admiral i think Maytag makes decor not sure as far as washer there are maybe 4 to choose from in the front loaders whirlpool makes for Maytag Kenmore and GE so you have lg samsung and bosh id say get the extended warranty on any thing you buy that's how i stay busy :) call GE and complain one thing GE has is good customer service and will some times ship you the parts just tell them how much you have to spend on labor good luck