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Have a Maytag Quiet Series 100 dishwasher. Originally, it

Resolved Question:

Have a Maytag Quiet Series 100 dishwasher. Originally, it would only wash 1 load of dishes a day and then seemed to need 24 hours to reset. Now there is no power to the control panel. I have checked the power to the dishwasher and the connection is good.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  GregoryA replied 8 years ago.
Are you looking to fix this yourself? if so, check the wires in the door in the area down by the bottom of the tub where they pass thru the bracket, especially the black lead from the junction box area up to the timer. I assume when you say "checked the power" that you looked inside the junction box on the diswasher? We often see where the wire nuts were never tightened enough, and eventually melt (this can take a few years!) and the machine will stop working or work intermittantly. Turn off the circuit breaker and look inside that box where the power is connected to the machine. Make sure the connections are good there. You may see your problem as soon as you open it up. When that connection heats up, it will cut the machine off.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The LED light for turning on/off the child lock is still operational on the front panel, which is what leads me to believe that the power supply is still good even though I have not crawled under the house to the junction box. I checked to make sure the lockout option was turned off and cleaned all of the seals around the door. The dishwasher acts like it is overheating. It will run the complete cycle, but the countertop above will get very warm and steam rises from the front of the machine (I do not use the heated dry option) and then the machine will not operate for about 24 hours - of course, now it has been 48 hours. Is it possible that steam is affecting the front control panel? Or is there something else I should look for?
Expert:  GregoryA replied 8 years ago.
I'm sorry, I misunderstood your question, when you said "no power to control panel" I assumed you meant the whole machine was dead. If you are getting lights then disregard what I said. Can you get the complete model number for me please?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The model # XXXXX XXXXX - Sorry that my original post was a little vague. I am new to this site and was not sure how specific to get.


Thanks for your help

Expert:  GregoryA replied 8 years ago.
No worries...

Look at this picture- the control board is supposed to be encased in a plastic housing. Without being there to check, I am not saying that you need that control board, but they do act up. Check the connector between the menbrane (touch pad) and that control, it may be loose?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Even enlarging the picture, I am having a little trouble with the part sheet without a parts list. Which is the connector?


Also, can the control board be accessed from the front panel or does the inside panel need to be removed?

Expert:  GregoryA replied 8 years ago.
Take the Torx head screws out of the inner door liner and it lifts up away from the outer door/control panel, then you can access the box the control is in. 1/4 inch nut driver I believe is what you will need to take the cover off...
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

OK - turned off power at the circuit breaker, took off inside panel and checked all connections inside and around the box. All of the connections seemed secure, so I put inside panel back on and restored power - Now the LED for the child lock won't come on!! - Turned off power again and removed inside panel for a second time - rechecked/jiggled all connections, remounted inside panel and turned back on power - I again have the LED for the child lock, but nothing else...Is there anything else I should look for or try?

Expert:  GregoryA replied 8 years ago.
I'd hate to see you spend money on a part you don't need, but there is a matrix for the keypanel to check it's operation with a VOM, and if it checks good, the control board should be replaced.
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