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i have a Fisher Paykel washing machine that is about twelve

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i have a Fisher Paykel washing machine that is about twelve years old, when I try to use it, it the water comes on and then off in spirts, then it stops and the first light on the wash cycle comes on and the last two lights on the spin cycle. Any suggestions?
That is a "RPS SENSOR FAULT". There is a small sesnor mounted down by the stator assembly, it has either failed or the connection is loose. Many techs incorrectly assume the problem is a bad controller and tell the customer to buy a new washer, or they oder the expensive board and it still does not work. (!) But you posted both the symptom AND the correct light sequence. I can talk you thru how to fix this yourself if you are handy enough...

If the machine is twelve, it is perhaps a GWL08 or GWL10 model??
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

It is a gwl10. I had it on its back looking for the sensor but could not find it. Is there a way of testing this with an ohm meter? and can you tell me how to find the sensor, and if it is bad , where can I buy one?

Can it be by-passed to check if this is the problem?


Thank you for you quick response!



The part number is XXXXX 420296P for the model 10...
There should be a "tech sheet" located under the control panel, to the left of the controller.
It will not provide much insight though, there is a full blown service manual for this machine, but I can help you here. I have done this so many times, you have bad RPS sensor. Rarely does the connector just come loose. And it is a "solid state" part and a visual inspection may not tell a thing. The fact is, the machine can tell it is not working and it has told you by the fault code (as well as the classic symptom)

To get at it:
Look at the large, round rotor assembly on the very bottom of the macine- there will be a plastic "nut" that unscrews, and as the nut comes out, the rotor will want to drop down. Support it with your hands. Once that rotor comes off, you will see the stator assembly. Handle this with care, you don't want to damage it. There are two wire harnesses towars the back, unclip them from the clip on the tub before the next step-
You will see 4 3/8 size bolts in a metal ring in the center of that stator, where the splined shaft is, this is what is holding that stator to the tub. Undo those screws and the ring comes off (there will be red grease also, have some rags handy) and then you can gently bring the motor stator down and remove the brown plastic "cover". The RPS sensor is over on the side near the wires. Undo the wire connector (it just lifts off) There is a small clip that holds the sensor in place on the underside. You need to take your finger and release the clip and then the sensor slides up and out. Make note of the ARROWS you will see on both the sensor and the stator. When replacing the sensor, those arrows have to line up. It is also critical that when you slide the new sensor down into the stator, the it is BEHIND the coils and not sticking out. You will ruin it if you do not slide it on correctly, so pay attention BEOFRE you take it out as top how it is oriented.

If you are not comfortable doing this, call a FISHER PAYKEL AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER, don't call the cheapest independent guy you can find...!

I've given out a lot of valuable info, would you please accept it?


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