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I replaced the defroster last month, and it worked fine, but

Resolved Question:

I replaced the defroster last month, and it worked fine, but suddenly it won't hold a cold temperature. It was always fine on factory set, but now even the coldest setting is not keeping things cold and frozen. I hope you have a suggestion!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  I.can replied 8 years ago.
Welcome to Just Answer.
My name is Ican & I am happy to assist you.

Try to unplug the fridge for 5 minutes and see if this resets the system.
I made up a list of 4 of the most common things that I would check and diagnose if I were there with you!

Defrost Problem
Modern refrigerators are designed to self defrost and it is essential to the airflow to have an
evaporator coil that is clear for air movement. If the rear interior panel of the freezer has frost appearing, it is most likely a defrost problem and must be corrected before temperatures can be restored to normal.

Dirty condenser Coil

Check the condenser coils for lint and restrictions. It is located underneath the refrigerator and accessible from the rear. A dirty condenser coil will result in poor cooling, especially in the freezer.Some times on a refrigerator with a top freezer the access is behind the front plastic grill and can be cleaned out with a refrigerator brush.

Low Refrigerant Charge
If the unit has a low refrigerant change, the freezer will not reach proper temperatures. This must be checked by a qualified technician due to EPA regulations.

Faulty Condenser Fan Motor
The condenser fan motor is found under the refrigerator near the compressor. This motor is essential to proper cooling. If the fan motor is not running, there will not be proper heat removal from the condenser and the result will be higher than normal temperatures in the freezer and usually in the fresh food section. Ensure the fan motor is running when the compressor is on.

Unfortunately it sounds like you need hands on service to diagnose these parts properly.

Let me know how it goes!

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