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Tom Goellner
Tom Goellner, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  32 yrs. experience servicing major appliances and HVAC equipment.
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my old warm manning gas heater is great but the pilot wont

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my old warm manning gas heater is great but the pilot wont stay lit .has had through cleaning,and we have done the lighting instructions many times.
You're right - old . haven't been made since early 80's If you light the pilot and hold down on valve for a minute , let up and it goes out immediately it is a bad thermocouple ( the part that pilot flame hits - looks like a copper wire that goes back to valve ) If it does stay lit but goes out after a while or after burner comes on you have a weak pilot flame which means you have to disassemble the pilot and in there where the gas line goes into pilot head is a small orifice wth a VERY small hole in it, They get carboned up from years of gas flowing through it. If you can get it out - great but they usually are very hard to get out , so try running water through it , blow through it , shake it - whatever it takes. You'll then notice the flame is stronger and hit s the thermocouple better.
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