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Randy 43
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My Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator #795.75552400 has the error

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My Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator #795.75552400 has the error code ER FF on the door. The fridge is warm but the freezer still works. Unplugging it only solves the problem temporarily. What part do I need?

hiCustomer,code ff means freezer fan defective,if you open the freezer do you hear a fan running when pressing the door switch around the inner frame? if not you are going to have a fan fault or if there is frost on the back wall,a defrost problem preventing the fan from turning,either way there will not be any air getting to the fridge,this why the fridge is warm but freezer still ok,the fridge just receives air from the freezer via the fan,check out the freezer fan..hope this helps


Thanks Randy

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks Randy. I don't here the fan and there is some frost on the back. Does this mean I have to replace the fan motor or some other part?

it depends if the frost is really thick you could be looking at a defrost problem,it could be blocking the fan from turning,,if you are able to turn the fan blade,maybe with a small screwdriver? through the grill or something like that and it turns then it is spinning freely and would most likely need the fan motor only,you may need to remove the panel to be sure unfortunately



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It is only lite frost so it looks like it's only the motor. This isn't a huge job is it?

its not bad,but you need to pull out the drawer and remove the back panel,if your mechanical its not bad ,look for a couple screws holding the drawer in on the sides sometimes..make sure its not just a wire off at the fan motor,confirm power with door switch pushed in if you have a meter?,but it sounds like fan motor from your symptoms


good luck



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!
no problem ..good luck