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How should I winterize my Maytag washer and Dishwasher The

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How should I winterize my Maytag washer and Dishwasher? The house has been shut down for the winter and the furnace has been turned off, so the temps will go below freezing. I know i have to use a bio-degradable anti-freeze since we are also on a septic system.


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You can winterize your appliances with the wet method where you run a nontoxic, potable antifreeze such as used in RV's, through the working parts of the appliance. Make sure they are as empty of water as they can be, after a normal wash cycle. If residual water remains in the dishwasher basin, sop it up with a sponge and spin out the water on the washer. Then, turn off or disconnect the household water supply and pour about half a gallon of pink antifreeze--not the green or blue stuff, into the basin of the dishwasher. Pour about two gallons into the washer tub. Run the appliances so they pump the antifreeze around for a few seconds and then turn it off.





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