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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  15 yrs. experience as a certified appliance technician.
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sent one on our spacemaker1800 microwave

Customer Question

sent one on our spacemaker1800 microwave
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
can you tell me what you need to know, ? thanks Bryan
Bryan and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
our spacemaker XL 1800 microwave (since 2004) is not heating product.
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
ok your saying its not heating right? there can be several reason for this , it could be as simple as a door switch or as complicated as a high voltage transformer,magnetron, or a high voltage diode.microwaves are really dangerous to work on. the high voltage capacitor can sore lethal amounts of voltage even if the microwave is unpluged, if your not comfortable with this call a service tech. when you start the microwave do you hear a loader than usual hum or buzz? let me know , I have to step out for a while but will be back later, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
what happened is this...Last nite I microw'd a baked potato...worked fine. Then I nuked some other food, no heat. When I started the other food I did hear a strange hum. This hum made the same sound, as I tried to heat the stuff up a number of times. This microwave was manufactured in 2004. They should last longer than 4 years don't you think?
Expert:  Bryan replied 8 years ago.
they don't make things to last anymore so fail in much shorter time then things past.its sounds to me like your high voltage transformer is bad, my concern is if you really don't know how to work with the microwave high voltage that you could get seriously injured attempting repair, besides the point you have remove microwave and tear it down completely to change this, these microwaves have come down in price allot and you may want to consider replacing.hope this helps Bryan