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Dryer was not drying clothes but continued to run in timed

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Dryer was not drying clothes but continued to run in timed cycle without turning off. Once turned off, manually, dryer would not restart. Appliance is plugged in and has power to start button.
sounds like you have a bad thermostat , can you give me make and model#.? thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
serial # XXXXX model # XXXXX (can't tell if the last entry in model is number or letter)
Type dwjr-ele-2406028-fm54
Roper by Whirlpool 29" electric dryer

This is all the info I can find.
couple of things you need to check, do you have a volt meter and know how to use it? this is your thermal fuse and this may be why its not starting now but you may have another problem that caused this to blow. let me know Bryan Part 2986
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes we have a voltmeter and know how to check for power. Where do we look for the thermal fuse? where would we look for the thermostat?
ok give me a bit, the thermal fuse should be in the back on the blower system. remove back panel to see.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What should we check first; the starter or the thermal fuse? Is it possible to check the starter or the thermostat without pulling the back off the dryer?
Is there a site where I can download an exploded drawing of the dryer's parts?
you can get the diagram with exploded veiw by clicking here 1200&brandId=0893&modelName=RESIDENTIAL%20DRYER&diagramPageId=00003&componentDescription=BULKHEAD%20PARTS&documentId=W0405109&backToLink=Return%20to%20Sub%20Components%20list you still have to remove back panel to get at thermostats. check the part I showed you first for continuity remve the wires to do this. unplug machine before any service. let me know , Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will close out for now and attempt to pull the dryer and check out the items as you have said. How do I remit balance of payment and how can reestablish contact when I have some results if I wish to pursue this?
you can just hit accept and still come back later and ask more questions , it will automaticly be sent to me , thanks Bryan
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