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The agitator isnt working and makes a grinding noise. Its

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The agitator isn't working and makes a grinding noise. It's been repaired a few years ago with a 285753 coupling piece. I wonder if it is the same thing or the "dogs" that need replacing. What would I look for to know which it is?

Hi Carolyn,


Thank you for using Just Answer.


You can sometimes see pieces from the coupling under the washer when it breaks.

They are little plastic pieces usually white and black.


The "dogs" would require you to disassemble the machine and remove the agitator.


Please post the model number if you would like more information. You will find it under the lid on a sticker where the lid meets the cabinet.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The model number is XXXXX

The are no signs of broken plastic under the washer.

Guess I'll need to take the agitator apart?

If it's the 'dogs' what would that look like.


(My toilet flushing mechanism broke on Friday... need I say more? ;-)

Hi carolyn,


If you can wait, I will be home in an hour and explain fully. I'm on the way now.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK - thanks!

Hi Carolyn,


You sound like you want to make this a DIY project. You'll need tools, a multi-meter (maybe) patience and above all time.


Ok, So you will need to get to part 10 and examine them if you want to check out those famous dogs. Don't rush into these!



We would first look at the coupler again before tearing into those. We do see the coupler go more often than the dogs (and the fact that you did not see the plastic pieces is not the "gold test" on checking it).


I have uploaded a copy of the repair manual. Your model may have some different items and features. However, the parts you are going to check and the basic mechanics are the same and you should follow the procedures.


When you go to the site to download do not use AOL. Use Internet Explorer or another browser because that site does not like AOL. Choose the "Free" option. After you download the file you will need to open it with Adobe or another application. You should already have that on your computer.



Sometimes, the site is a little glitchy. If you have difficulty, clean your temporary files and your hard drive, restart the computer and try again. It's definitely worth it to have the right information. You can go to the top right corner and save the PDF file to your desktop for easy access.


Please click here - washer


Let me know if you would like more information or clarification.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Thanks. I accessed the PDF file with no problems and will check the couplers first. I appreciate your help and suggestions.


Wish me luck!


Hi Carolyn,


Your welcome and thank you for the accept. You can post back to this question (if you need any clarfication) for a couple of days.