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dryer neptune model mde6700ayw works for 20 minutes and dies.checked

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dryer neptune model mde6700ayw works for 20 minutes and dies.checked thyrmistor(10kohm) checked 3 termostats (all 3   are 0.2 ohm which is good ,duct checked and cleaned.only 2 things left control board and microcomputer.



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You should check to see if there is voltage at the element when it shuts off. If there is, check the element for ohms.


We have also found that replacing the thermostats in practice (even when they have tested ok) is the solution. It is possible for one of them to fail under voltage. So, just because the boards are so much more money we usually will do that first.


Check with


They used to allow you to return an electrical part if you found that it was not needed.


Let me know if you would like more information or clarification. I will check back later today.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will take your answer as a Yes,because before shuts of I can hear click from bottom of dryer and after that another one from board,I do not have a time to do it today I will check on wednesday ,just plz explain to me more how can termostat can cause to loose power on main display if function of thermostat is to go off and on?and how I should conect meter ,what should i expect 240 or 120 V ,Both ends of thermostat or only one,and should I desconect in that moment of failure main power and test it Thermostat.



You should expect 220-240 volts at the heating element. It should be check immediate when the dryer stops (after 20 minutes). This will tell you if the heating element is getting the correct voltage. I suspect you will find it is not. You have to be very careful and connect to the leads for the element. That is a lot of voltage. So, please if you do not have experience with electricity have someone else do this.


Checking the element afterwards (for the ohms) requires you to disconnect dryer and then at least one end of the heating element lead.





Yes, loss of power at the board would be unusual from the thermostat. I re-read the information above.


A short in the heating element (or thermostat) could cause the board to go out and even fry. The board has safety features that will shut it down to protect itself. However, you can lose the board (totally dead and doesn't come on again) also if they don't engage quick enough.


You would want to check the heating element (as explained above).


If the thermostats are meeting spec (as you indicated) and you find the element is good then... you can either try replacing the thermostats (they could be failing under voltage and you really can't check that) or go for the board (which is expensive if it's not it).


This is a very electronic focused machine and there are specific diagnostics that you would use.


So, I've uploaded the service manual and a couple of tech sheets for you.


When you go to the site to download do not use AOL. Use Internet Explorer or another browser because that site does not like AOL. Choose the "Free" option. After you download the file you will need to open it with Adobe or another application. You should already have that on your computer.



Sometimes, the site is a little glitchy. If you have difficulty, clean your temporary files and your hard drive, restart the computer and try again. It's definitely worth it to have the right information. You can go to the top right corner and save the PDF file to your desktop for easy access.


Please click here - repair manual


Please click here - Tech sheet cabinet


Please click here - Tech sheet


Let me know if you would like more information or clarfication.





Bernard S. and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you