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Our Dryer appears to be overheating. I plan on looking at

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Our Dryer appears to be overheating. I plan on looking at the vent path and and possibly replacing the hi-limit thermostat, is there anything else I should be checking?

HiCustomer Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer. The other Experts and I are working on your answer. By the way, it would help us to know:

-Could you explain your situation a little more?


What is the model number of the dryer?


What have you tried to correct the problem?


Do you use fabric softener or the softener sheets?

Thank you again for trusting us with your problem.


Please reply as soon as possible so that we can finish answering your question.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Maytag DE482


Went to use the dryer as normal, timer worked but my wife shut it off as she could smell the dryer through our house airvents upstatirs. Clothes were very hot with someT-shirt graphics yellowed.


Just happened last night so I have not started working. It's been 2 years since I've cleaned out the vent tubing. (Had to get a credit card out of the dryer)


We have never used softener sheets in the 12years we've had the dryer. Water runs through the lint catch without pooling of water.

I suspect lint has built up inside the duct and possible inside the dryer itself. The high limit thermostat should not have to operate if the dryer is operating correctly. The high limit thermostat should have shut it den before the dryer got that hot. Often the duct inside the dryer can become clogged with lint and the blades on the blower motor can also need cleaning. Any restriction in the air flow will cause the dryer to overheat. The image below is an exploded view of the blower area of the dryer.


Other views of the dryer can be viewed by clicking here. The site linked has very helpful information on replacing parts and repairing the dryer.


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