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Jenn Air stove S125 convection fan turns on slowly; clock,

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Jenn Air stove S125 convection fan turns on slowly; clock, timer and self cleaning do not operate. Can these problems be repaired or do they warrant a new stove? The Stove is 23 years old.

HelloCustomer This is what i am finding on this stove.


Sorry, no parts available for this product.

We're sorry. No serviceable parts are available for this product.
If you need more help, contact us.



I did a little checking and cannot even find parts for it. There is a couple of after market clocks but there over $400 dollars in cost. I think on this one it has served you well and you should enjoy picking out a new 1. Hope this helps. And sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Thank you,



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We have lived with no clock for a long time. Is the convection "motor" or slow response means it is on its last legs too.

At the age of the unit cost to try(because there are really no parts anymore) to repair outways the replacement cost. In this case yes you have multiple things going and sevral others will soon follow. Time to throw in the towel.


Thank you,



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