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The Famous Forry
The Famous Forry, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 616
Experience:  I have my own business repairing Washing Machines etc etc.
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how do I change the fan belt on a hotpoint ultima dryer

Customer Question

how do I change the "fan belt" on a hotpoint ultima dryer
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  The Famous Forry replied 8 years ago.
Hi <span class="text-15-blue"Customer The belt is a little tricky to fit but follow these steps and you should be fine. First and foremost you need to ISOLATE THE POWER SUPPLY FULLY, Very IMPORTANT. The front of the Tumble Dryer is removeable and the belt is fitted from here. There arer several self tapper screws to remove to loosen the front fixings. The plastic dashboard often has to be moved out of the way to enable access to screws behind that are still holding the front panel in place. If you look carefully,the drum slots into the front panel and runs against a felt band. Your objective here is to move the front panel out enough to be able to slip the belt over the big drum. Look carefully on the drum itself and you will see the line around it where the belt sits and runs. Carefully adjust the belt to this position taking great care as not to twist the belt. The belt should be rib side down on the drum, so as you can read the belt markings from the top.Once the belt is in place around the drum you need to feed around the motor pulley at the base of the machine. On the motor pulley you will see the ribbed area where the belt ribs fit around perfectly matching the grooves or ribs. Now on some machines the belt may appear too big. If this is the case you will notice iether side of the motor pulley , another pulley/s (usually black plastic and about 6-7 cm in diameter on a aprox 20 cm metal arm) which are in fact belt tensioners. These are spring loaded and so the left side you would stretch out to the left and carefully release against the flat (Non Ribbed Side) of the belt thus tightening the belt against the motor pulley. The right side tension out to the right and again slowly release against the flat (Non Ribbed Side) of the belt thus tensioning the belt further. Please note that some machines only have one tensioner .This was because the machine only tumbled one direction but most if not all are now reverse.(Tumbles one way then the other). Please also note that if your belt seems too small then there is probably NO tensioners as described above. In this case the belt is actually believe it or not streched over the motor pulley often a very very tight fit. Once in position push the drum around by hand in both directions to ensure belt is running smoothly before reasembling. When reassembling ensure the front panel slots perfectly into front lip of drum where the band of felt is. Once happy replace screws and your done.! (FORRY). Please click the accept tab for my answer.