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ice keeps building up behind my freezer and drops onto the

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ice keeps building up behind my freezer and drops onto the fan and causes a loud grinding noise. i have to empty the freezer and unplug my model frs26hf6bw0 side-by-side refrigerator and aim a fan into the freezer for a half hour. this happens almost monthly now. what is happening and how can i fix it?
How much ice is forming and where? If it is all over the evaporator you will need to find out why it is not automatically defrosting. It could be the ADC board (part of the control box), the defrost limit switch or the defrost heater itself. Try to manually initiate a defrost cycle by pushing and releasing the ref door light switch 6 times in less than 10 seconds. If all is working well you will hear a click from the left side top of the ref followed several minutes later by a hissing sound and water dripping from the evaporator behind the cover. Let me know waht you find.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i think it is related to the ice maker or water line. i get a build up of ice both at the rear of the ice collector where the cubes go as well as on top of the ledge behind where the ice collector slides in. somehow it seems that water is leaking from where it comes into either the ice maker or where is goes into the water dispenser, although i blame the ice maker since it gets its water in the rear where the noise comes from (grinding noise).
it's like ice forms behind the back wall of the freezer behind the ice maker and eventually drops down and lands on the fan. i get a loud grinding noise. when that happens, i unload the freezer and put a fan aimed toward the bottom for 30 minutes (to melt the ice), and it solves the problem. but it only lasts a 2-3 weeks at best.
Does the icemaker fill tube have a large cutout on top? Is the icemaker overfilling? It is easy to adjust the amount of fill with a phillips screw located behind the front cover.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes it has an open shute that goes into the icemaker. but i've had this refrigerator for 6 years and have only had this problem for the last 2 years. where is the adjustment screw located? you said the front cover, but i dont see anything.
Can you pop off the front cover? There is a + and - sign near the adjusting screw.
Does the fill tube look like this or is the cutout even more? If the cutout is bigger you will need to repalce the fill tube.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
that is exactly what my fill tube looks like.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
and i do not see any adjustment screws on the front of my freezer. there are screws in the back but they appear to secure the rear panel.
No, I am sorry, the adjusting screw is behind the 5" sq cover on the front of the icemaker. It snaps off.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK, I got it. I just popped it off and moved the screw toward the "-". Do you think this is what might be causing water/ice to get behind the back panel of my freezer? I feel like there might be a water leak happening behind the panel. But I'm more than happy to give this a try.
Also, does the thermostat setting of the freezer have any bearing on this? My brother thought I might have it too cold, although I don't know how that would make a difference. I have it on the factory setting (3).
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I also did the first thing you recommended and pushed the refrig light switch 6 times. It made the click sound, but I stood there for over 10 minutes and did not hear the hissing sound.
Does the evap coil frost over?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Not that I know of. Where is that located and how can I look at it to see?