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Amana bottom freezer model with ice maker - ice maker pump cycling on and off a lot

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Every 2-3 minutes, the ice maker pump turns on for about 30 seconds and then shuts off with a clunk. The pump is noisy in a vibration kind of way. There is ice in the tray and I have the shut off arm in the off position (up). Yet it continues to cycle on and off 24x7. Could this be a water supply line problem (not enough water pressure in the ice maker line from the house) or is it more likely an internal problem requiring a service call? Thank you!
are you sure its the icemaker causing this noise? it sounds like the compressor relay is not starting compressor and the clunk you hear is the compressor,this doesnt have a pump per say on the ice maker it does hoever have a water valve that opens when it call for water. is it making ice? how long has this been doing it? watch for a rise in temp. and things starting to thaw. let me Know Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks. I am not sure that it is the ice maker at all, but the sound is coming from the bottom center-right of the refrigerator, which is where the ice maker is located. If that is also where the compressor could be located as well, that could very well be the issue. So far, it is making ice and the temperature is consistently cold, so I have not seen any signs of a problem one way or the other. It is just that the noise is very annoying. Should the compressor be running that often under normal conditions? Maybe something is vibrating in the fan or something? Is there a way that I can narrow this down?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

OK. I just emptied the ice tray and there was water in the bottom of it. I felt the other freezer items and they are indeed thawing. The temperature in the refrigerated section seems to be warming up as well. I did adjust the temp settings last night to see if that would stop the noise (not sure why I thought that it might), so I just changed the temperature settings to coldest and I emptied the ice tray. I will see if the ice maker makes any ice and will see if the temperature cools down. This sounds like a compressor, right?

If the temperature does not cool off, can you tell me what a ballpark range might be on a repair like this (just a SWAG).


you have a bad relay on the compressor and need to move your frozen food out of it because this is going to get warmer fast,your compressor isnt starting. how old is this ref.? do you have a chest freezer? do you have a friend you can put your frozen food in thiere freezer, get a cooler ready for ref. food.unfortantly its the weekend and you probably cant get service or part till monday.let me know Bryan, can you get me model # XXXXX I can look this up? thanks
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks, Brian. It is an Amana top over bottom from 2004. Model #ARB220ZCB. Fortunately, I have second refrigerator and have already moved the frozen and perishables to that one. Thanks very much for your assistance! I will accept the question and give you positive feedback. Please let me know if there is anything else I should know before calling for service (ballpark price to expect etc.). Thanks!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
And lastly, before unplugging the refrigerator, do I need to shut off the water supply to the ice maker? It is in the crawl space under my house which is a pain to access. Thanks!
no you shouldnt have to shut water off, well if its just the relay it shouldnt run you over $50.00 for the relay but I dont know what they get for service and labor , this is the relay assembly it lists for $28.00 so dont let them fool you. also its under 5 years old so if its the compressor its under warranty as long as you dont fool with it, thanks again BryanPart(NNN) NNN-NNNN width=