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north durham appliance
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My dryer is a kenmore elite with auto temp control. The dryer

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My dryer is a kenmore elite with auto temp control. The dryer stops way before the clothes are dry. I have even switched to the manual time setting...but the dryer is hot air. Is there anything that I can try before calling a repair man?
if you are fairly handy and own or can get a multimeter to do continuity test and voltage test i could give you some advice on how to fix this if not you might be better to call in a tech
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'll have to wait for my husband to get home to see if he has one. Can you give me a couple of suggestions now depending on how high or low the reading is? What might the problem be?
well first make sure you have 240 volts power supply to dryer plug if so you will have to access the dryer heating componets is this the front load washer matching dryer if not please provide model # XXXXX explain on how to access heating components
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It does match the dryer...but here is the Model number 110.62062103
ok the front panel below the door opening is removable by remove 3 screws located along its bottom edge behid here you will find the heater parts there will be 2 parts on top of the fan blower housing a thermal fuse and a thermister test these for continuity if they are ok then test the heater element itself and the termostats located along its tube if any of them are open they dont have a continous circiut than that is the problem it is easier to access these parts   if you remove the blower housing it is the piece that your lint screen slides into it is held on with 2 screws located at its upper 2 corners and 1 on its lower edge where the blower fan is it is usually brown in colour and is quite a large piece once the front panel is off this is the first part you will see hope iv explained it enough for you hope this helps and is an accceptible answer if so please click accept thank you Kevin p.s make sure dryer is unplugged when performing these tests
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I still don't know what to do if this is the problem. Do I purchase parts and replace them myself? You've explained what to do but not what the solution might be.
if any of these parts are open then you can purchase them and replace them yourself all the thermostats are held on with 2 screws the heater element is a bit tricky to change but anyone handy can do it once they look at how it is assembled if i:ve givin you the the information on how to access and test the parts this is all i can do for you on this format you can look up parts at or find a local parts dealer and the service tech sheet will be located behind the bottom front panel that you have to remove to access the dryer please click accept and thank you Kevin
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