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Bob Schauer
Bob Schauer, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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I have an Air Ease Ultra V tech 80 with an ST9160B board and

Customer Question

I have an Air Ease Ultra V tech 80 with an ST9160B board and sv9529H 8034 smart valve. The furnace does not start-up in the morning after being off for some hours. The Smart Valve flashes ten times, stops and does it again and again. I read that code ten is "120vac input voltage - polarity reversed". I'm assuming that the board is the output and the smart valve is the input. I followed the wiring schematic and see that every color wire matches the print. I see were the 120ac is at the board and where it is at the smartvalve. Could there be an internal problem with the smartvalve, because it does not seem safe to swap the black and white wires at the smartvalve plug. Nothing has been changed or done to the furnace since it was installed. It is 6 yrs old.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bob Schauer replied 8 years ago.
Hello Ro ger1, my name isXXXXX unit has an electronic ignitor does it not. Have you checked that ignitor to see if its ok? Unless that ignitor is working the gas valve can not open. Let me know what you find. Bob

Sorry, I hit the wrong button. This is not intended as an answer but rather as a request for information. Just answer with a reply. Bob
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hello Bob and thanks for responding. The unit has a hot surface igniter, but according to the manual, this is the sequence>
A call for heat from the thermostat closes R to W on the
blower control board, which begins the ignition sequence.
The induced draft blower output energizes.The pressure
switch senses normal combustion air flow and closes.
After a 15-second pre-purge, the control energizes the hot
surface igniter. After an igniter warm-up period, the main
gas valve energizes. Upon main burner ignition, the
circulating air blower energizes following a 30-second
I never hear the blower kick on, the unit is in like a frozen state with the blinking light. I've tried sitting there listening for a click or something to attempt to kick on, but nothing.
In order to get the unit working, I turn off the power switch on the side of the unit, turnoff the smartvalve switch, wait two seconds turn on the smartvalve switch then the power switch and it resets itself. Thanks Roger
Expert:  Bob Schauer replied 8 years ago.
Roger, at what point are you loosing this sequence? From you recounting of this sequence its obvious to me that you have a background troubleshooting something. Do you have volt/ohm meter? If so then you can fool this sequence and determine where its loosing the sequence. Do you have a schmatic? If so you have all the tools you need to trace this puppy. I would not be able to diagnosis the problem short of being on location and run the tests myself. I wish you well and if you have anymore questions let me know. Bob
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Bob, Thanks for the help and yes I do have troubleshooting experience and a voltmeter. I followed the sequence and last had 120ac going from the board to the smartvalve, but no output V to the draft blower. Although the error code for the smartvalve translates to "120ac input polarity reversed", could there be an internal problem with the smartvalve that by default gives the polarity reversed code when it is actually not that, because like I said, nothing has been changed. Roger
Expert:  Bob Schauer replied 8 years ago.
Roger, as far as I know there is nothing that would reverse the polarity under normal circumstances in the valve. It could very well be one of those conditions that whatever is sensing the polarity is at fault. I don't believe that there is the option to replace parts in the valve. You just have to replace the valve as an assembly and then go from there. I couldn't find any technical data to help you with. It sounds like you have the best information available short of contacting the factory. I wish you well. Bob
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks Bob for all your help. Roger